The Konnector Work For Whisky Program


In 2017 I made a conscious decision to dedicate more time to giving back, adding value and educating others. 

I have also always been a massive advocate for finding ways to shut out the dodgy Adwords and SEO Agencies in the market.

Being in business doesn’t always have to be about extracting as much money as you can out of every opportunity

That’s why I have developed the “Work for Whisky Program” to help businesses that wouldn’t normally engage an agency or expert with their digital strategy (or afford my normal fees) but could benefit from some solid advice, structure and a gentle shove in the right direction.

For businesses that I accept into the Work For Whisky Program I work with them for Zero Fees for a month (Yes that’s right ZERO FEES).

1. I act in an advisory role, work with you to identify areas you can make gains on your website and digital strategy and help you develop an action plan.
2. We will have a 45 minute call each week for 4 weeks. The first to agree on a strategy and action plan. The next three calls are a chance to check in and be held accountable for execution of the tasks.
3. Your commitment is to execute (My time and advice is free my staff’s time is not)

There is a catch (but not a big one).

4. In return, all I ask is, if you have got any value out of the time we spend together, you buy me a bottle of whisky in thanks.

The more thankful you are the better the bottle of whisky – No hooks, no hardcore upsell/cross-sell and no obligation just a show of appreciation and a driver for me to continue to deliver value!

The 2017 Work for Whisky Program was a huge success and we have already helped dozens of businesses achieve some pretty amazing results in 2018.

 To apply for the program

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