SEO in NZ - Just Be Less Crap Than Your Competition

Posted by Glenn Marvin on 17-Aug-2018 11:32:02

Search Engine Optimisation in NZ can be a bit of a crap shoot when it comes to advice, strategy and knowing who to trust.

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Topics: SEO, Google, Digital Marketing

AIMCON 2018 A Not to Miss Digital Marketing Event

Posted by Glenn Marvin on 03-Aug-2018 13:42:06

Konnector is very proud to be associated with AIMCON 2018 as a sponsor and I am just as excited to assist on the day interviewing some of the leading minds in the AI industry in this market.

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Topics: Business Strategy, Digital Marketing, ai marketing

Matt Gagnon Life Coach Interview

Posted by Glenn Marvin on 02-Aug-2018 19:04:06

Interview: LinkedIn Superstar LifeStory Coach Matt Gagnon.

With a specialty focus in social media, specifically with LinkedIn, Matt built a network with over 20,000 connections, having built 70% of his business on that platform alone.

Matt had an incredible corporate career building and leading powerful teams for some of the most iconic brands on the planet including Under Armour, Carter’s/Osh Kosh, and even had an internship with NBA champions, the San Antonio Spurs.
It all came crashing down with a major burnout that lead to serious physical and mental health issues. At that point, Matt started working on his health and now he helps people achieve what they really, really, really want to do in life; coaching entrepreneurs and corporations in transforming their work into a meaningful and profitable career.
In this interview, we will look at the impact that corporate career had on him, the "defining moment" where it all came crashing down and what this has lead to today including his latest adventure.

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Topics: Mindfulness, Resilience, LinkedIn, Leadership, Business Strategy

How to Consistently Create High Value LinkedIn Content That Attracts New Clients

Posted by Glenn Marvin on 11-May-2018 11:13:22

302 Temporary Redirect Interview - Chris Simpson

This week on the 302 Temporary Redirect Show I spoke to to Chris Simpson about how he creates consistent high value content that attracts clients.

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Topics: Business Strategy, Digital Marketing, LinkedIn

The Real Google Assistant Opportunity - I will get My Bot to Call Your Bot

Posted by Glenn Marvin on 11-May-2018 09:24:18

One of the biggest announcements at Google i/O this week was the upcoming enhancements to  the Google Assistant including Google Duplex. 

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Topics: Google

The Importance of Storytelling and Resilience - Wade jackson

Posted by Glenn Marvin on 03-May-2018 17:40:36

302 Temporary Redirect Show Interview - Wade Jackson

Wade is a speaker, author and high-performance coach. He specialises in human development and business in action - helping you do it better, faster, leaner.

He works with some of NZ's top organisations such as Spark, Callaghan Innovation, Zeald, Xero and Air New Zealand.
He is also one of the founders of NZ's very own internationally awarded Improv Bandits and one hell of a funny guy.
In this episode we talk business, the importance of storytelling and resilience.

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Topics: Resilience, Leadership, Mindfulness

B2B Marketing essential tactical moves which are perennial - An Interview With Rebecca Caroe

Posted by Glenn Marvin on 03-May-2018 17:16:11

3:02 Temporary Redirect Show Interview 

Rebecca Caroe is a direct response marketing and new business development specialist. In her 25+ year career, she has helped CEOs and business owners learn ways to win new clients with persistence, diligence and flashes of inspiration.

Online marketing is fraught with danger when not executed correctly and it is an ever changing game.

We had a fantastic varied discussion in this interview covering off topics from the latest tools and updates to get your brand out in the market (including Facebook Live), the importance of personal brand in today's market and Rebecca gave her top 5 (well actually 6 because she always like to over deliver) top tips for B2B marketing)

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Topics: LinkedIn, Social Media, Digital Marketing

Art Green on Growing a Business Using Influencer Marketing

Posted by Glenn Marvin on 01-May-2018 16:39:27

Interview: Art Green on Life as an Influencer and growing his Clean Food based businesses.

Art Green is still best known for his breakout role as New Zealand's first Bachelor on the hit reality TV series.

He has had a very interesting and varied life but always fallen back on fitness and clean food and paleo based diets working with his fitness clients. We look at his early years, influencers and challenges launching and growing three very successful companies all in the food industry which is incredibly cut-throat. 

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Topics: Business Strategy, Influencer Marketing

Rawdon Christie on  Reputation Management

Posted by Glenn Marvin on 06-Apr-2018 09:17:29

Interview: Rawdon Christie, One of NZ's most beloved TV Presenters, MC, Public Speaker and Media Trainer and Reputation Management Coach.

Rawdon is an award-winning broadcaster with twenty years' experience in radio and television.

His career started with the BBC but he's best-known for his five years presenting Television New Zealand's Breakfast show, where he interviewed hundreds of guests, from senior politicians and business leaders to Oscar winners and Olympic champions.

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Topics: Business Strategy

Kevin Biggar on The Mindset of Failure

Posted by Glenn Marvin on 23-Mar-2018 07:17:27

Interview: Kevin Biggar on his life as an adventurer, author, speaker and business coach with particular insights on the mindset surrounding failure.

 Kevin was a strategy consultant with The Boston Consulting Group when he decided to take part in the world’s toughest endurance event – the Trans-Atlantic Rowing Race. 

Throughout the preparations and the journey he learned valuable lessons about goal setting, determination, teamwork under pressure, persevering through adversity and maximising performance.

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Topics: Business Strategy